August Lim is recognized by Reiki Master Risa Greiss as a 9th generation practitioner under the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui and is certified to treat adults, children, and pets.


Reiki healing prompts restoration both in the brain and the nervous system. It is an intelligent healing energy guided by the universe, and therefore adjusts itself accordingly to a client's particular needs.

Whether you are rather skeptical or a natural believer in energy medicine, there is growing proof in its effectivity as the Western world adopts this holistic healing method... It is a great treatment to use in combination of regular medical procedures toward serious health conditions... to headaches, insomnia, anxiety and depression -to improve the treatments' functionality. During your session, and even long after, you are restoring homeostasis and reducing all occurring stress in the bodies.


August travels to all New Jersey, New York City, & NEPA clientele
visit the reiki studio coming soon located in Westchester County, NY.



This podcast will break down the holistic healing technique of reiki. I will provide an easy-to-grasp explanation of what it is, how the practice is conducted, and share amazing benefits it has in store for those interested in utilizing its power. Whether you are a skeptic or believer in energy medicine, there is solid proof in its credibility as the Western world adopts this healing method... and it is increasing in popularity amongst hospitals, rehab centers, and spas. As a certified practitioner, under the Usui lineage, I hope to go beyond the trend and help you understand this amazing, ancient Japanese phenomenon called reiki.